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When moving, the most tedious part is the packing of your belongings, especially if you have the whole household to pack. There are certain ways you can do to make this task less stressful for you and the whole family. For one, you need to choose the right boxes for moving. Quality moving boxes do not only ensure the safety of your priced possessions, but they can also be reused again for other purposes, like storage, after you have unpacked.

The factors to consider when choosing good quality moving boxes are strength and size. To determine if a box is strong enough to protect its contents can't be determined unless you know what to put into it. As for choosing the size, you should also take into considerations the various sizes of the items to pack. In other words, in order to get the right boxes for moving make a list of the things you are going to pack.

Be reminded that moving boxes come with different sizes and strengths. Relocating involves moving the boxes from your old home to moving truck ,and finally to your new home. Handling and transport can already pose danger to your things unless quality, sturdy moving boxes are used.

Additionally, make sure that your boxes for moving meet the industry standard of 200lb weight test. Depending on what you are packing, the boxes must pass the test that require greater weight-strength ratio. It will be easier if you buy only from a trusted supplier to make sure that you will get quality boxes.

Boxes for moving also come in different sizes. Having a large box does not mean it is strong and safe enough for its intended use. Size also matters! Not only for safety, that is, to avoid unnecessary movements if smaller things go into bigger boxes but, also to save costs when shipping. If your box is large enough that it hinders the plane or truck from carrying fewer items than it should, then expect an expensive shipping rate. A large light box costs more than a smaller box with the same weight. Take note however, that companies adjust their shipping rates accordingly based on this scenario.

If you are going to ship your things, know that the computation for shipping rate is based on either the dimensional weight or actual weight. However, the charges are based on whichever is higher. Dimensional weight is the amount of space a package will occupy in relation to its weight (its volume or cubic size). Air freight industry uses this formula in accordance to the volumetric standard of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). For your reference, below are the formulas in getting the dimensional weight of a package:

In pounds: LxWxH (in inches), divided by 194 for domestic shipping; and 166 for international shipping.

For kilograms: LxWxH (centimeters) divided by 6000 for international shipping.